Aakash Mehta

Aakash Mehta

Aakash Mehta is a popular stand-up comedian in the Indian comedy circuit who is well known for the stand-up videos, Long Distance Relationships (2017), Big Brother Stories (2017), and Doctors (2018). Additionally, he appeared in the film Ab Mujhe Funny Banna Hai (2018). He is a stand-up comedian in addition to being a gamer, podcaster, and musician.


Born in 1993, Aakash Mehta is a native of Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Asit C. Mehta, the father of Aakash Mehta, founded Asit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd. Deena Mehta, the mother of Aakash Mehta, serves as managing director of the company. Aditya Mehta is the name of his sibling.


He pursued Bachelor of Laws from the University of Mumbai. He pursued a Diploma in Sound and Audio Engineering from SAE Institute, Mumbai.


• Height (approx.): 5’ 9”
• Hair Colour: Black
• Eye Colour: Black


Aakash Mehta was first introduced to stand-up comedy by his brother Aditya Mehta, who gave him 13 seasons of the stand-up comedy DVD series “Comedy Central Presents.” However, Aakash was inspired to try stand-up comedy after receiving a compliment from a “pretty girl” whom he refers to as “just friend.” He admitted in an interview that he occasionally made people laugh with his jokes, but that it wasn’t until she gave me a praise that I began performing at more open mics. I kept going after that because I had fallen in love with the work of art.”

He was inspired by the praise to give his debut stand-up performance at Sophia College’s “Kaleidoscope” student festival. Aakash signed up for his first open mic sometime in 2010 or 2011. In an interview, the performer described his first open mic as, “I entered the open mic venue after coming outside and was absolutely stunned! The space was teeming with conversation, drinking, and laughter. Since then, it has been a love story; I discovered comedy.”
He posted his first stand-up performance, a comedy set about “New Relationships,” to his YouTube account on August 31, 2015.

After that, he posted a number of stand-up comedy videos on his YouTube page, including Sex Education, Having Kids in India, Break-Ups & Shopping With GF, and others. Aakash Mehta played the lead role in Sumedh Natu’s documentary “Ab Mujhe Funny Banna Hai” in 2018. The documentary shows the difficulties and tribulations that a stand-up comic faces off-stage.
Aakash Mehta and his friend Navin Noronha launched the podcast Varta Lab in 2018 and encouraged their friends and acquaintances to participate in interviews. Additionally, he collaborated on a Varta Lab podcast with Deena Mehta, who was the first female president of the Bombay Stock Exchange and is a successful entrepreneur and social activist.
His other podcasts, Cricket and AMF, are posted on his KuchBhiMehta YouTube page. He also broadcasts video games live, including Cricket19, Ludo, and Grand Theft Auto. He was featured in a 2020 KODA RAPID TSI vehicle advertising.

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