Ayachi Thakur

Ayachi Thakur

Ayachi Thakur is a classical singer and Youtuber. He is a younger brother of Maithili Thakur.


Ayachi Thakur was born on 4 July 2006 in Benipatti, Madhubani, Bihar, India. He belongs to a Bihari and Hindu family. His whole life is dedicated to music and singing. His father is his music teacher and his father’s and mother’s names are Ramesh Thakur and Bharti Thakur respectively. His siblings’ names are Maithili Thakur and Rishav Thakur respectively.


He is studying in class 9th in Bal Bhavan International School. Along with music, he gives equal attention to studies.


At an early age, Ayachi started following her sister, Maithili Thakur. He used to do the same as her sister used to do.
At the age of 10 years, Ayachi began his career with stage performance and he became popular for his performance.
After that, he started participating in reality shows and was invited by News channels and Radio FM.
Ayachi has a YouTube channel on which he uploads daily blogs. He has 600K+ subscribers
His Net worth is 1-2 crore (approx).

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