Suraj Kalwani, Ravi Chirania, and Rakesh Raman, the developers of, founded Crypso, a cryptocurrency investment platform, in 2022 to give cryptocurrency users the chance to learn about the most recent trends in the market and invest using one-click trade signals on a variety of altcoins created by crypto experts. Crypso is working to make cryptocurrencies accessible to millions of individuals in India and throughout the globe. They believe that the development of cryptocurrencies is a regional and societal phenomenon. Analogous to how users engage with crypto influencers and artists on YouTube, Telegram, and other platforms for trade signals, token launches, airdrops, news analysis, portfolio allocation, trading NFTs, and a tonne more. The goal of Crypso is to provide the infrastructure that promotes this behaviour and enables millions of individuals to start their common cryptocurrency experience.

Legal Name : Mindful Innovation Labs Private Limited
Headquarters : Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Launching Year : 2021
No. of Employees : 41 to 60
Total Funding : $3.0M


Co-Founder and CEO : Suraj Kalwani
Co-Founder : Ravi Chirania
Co-Founder : Rakesh Raman


• Kunal shah
• Sandeep nailwal
• Jaynti Kanani
• Better Capital
• Hashed Emergent
• Athera Venture Partners
• Whiteboard Capital


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