Devi chitralekha

Devi chitralekha

Devi chitralekha is one of the youngest Spiritual Saint in India and a motivational speaker.


Devi chitralekha was born on the 19th of January 1997 in Khambi village in Palwal District Haryana. Her father’s name is Tukaram Sharma and her mother’s name is Chameli Devi.Her grandparent’s name is the late Radha Krishan Sharma and Kishnadei. She has a brother whose name is Partyaksh Sharma. She is married to Madhav Prabhu ji (Madhav Tiwari). She belongs to a Hindu family. Her caste is Brahmin. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.


Devi chitralekha studied at the government school in her village.


Height :- 5’3″
Eye color:- Black
Hair color:- Black


When she was 4 years old, she initiated ‘Gaudiya Vaishnavism’ under the guidance of a Bengali saint called ‘Shri Shri Girdhari Baba.’ Gaudiya Vaishnavism is a Vaishnava Hindu religious movement inspired by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. At the age of 6, Devi Chitralekha and her parents went to attend the preaching event of an esteemed saint in Brij, Ramesh Baba. Later, she started reciting Katha’s and pravachana at various events. Her guruji organized her first 7 days of”Shri Bhagwat Katha” at Tapovan, near Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Later, she started reciting ‘ Shri Bhagwat Kathas’ at various events and became one of the most popular Bhagwat preachers in India. Her katha is telecasted on various religious TV channels with an aim to spread the wave of ‘Radhe Krishna and Hare Krishna Mantra.’
She has delivered pravachana in many countries. She engaged the listener with her soulful bhajans. Some of her popular bhajans include Mera Apki Kripa se, Krishna Krishna, Ek Tera Sahara, Jab koi Nahi aata, Lakhon Mahfil, Radhe Radhe, Gopi Geet, and Mera Jeevan Hai Tere Hawale.


Devi chitralekha founded ‘World Sankirtan Yatra Trust’ in Palwal, Haryana on 10 March 2008, with an aim to ‘preserve Hindu culture and heritage in India, ‘ disseminating the holy name of god, preaching Bhagwat Katha everywhere the planet,’ and Gau Seva’.
She also works for the welfare of abandoned and injured cows. In 2013, she started ‘ Gaw Seva Dham hospital’ in Palwal, Haryana, that works for the welfare of abandoned and injured cows.
She received the “world book of records” for beings the youthful Bhagwat preacher in 2019. She has more than 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel

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