Mamta Yadav

Mamta Yadav

Mamta Yadav of Basai village, Gurugram, became an IAS Topper when she acquired All India Rank 5. It was her second attempt, securing rank 556 in her previous attempt.

Mamta Yadav, born in 1996 to Ashok Yadav and Saroj Yadav is a graduate of the Hindu College, Delhi University. A total of 761 candidates made it to the final list.

Mamata Yadav was a graduate in Physics from Hindu College, so it was only logical that she took physics as an optional for the UPSC Mains.
She is the first IAS in her family. Mamta’s father Ashok Yadav works in a private company while her mother is a homemaker. She has an elder brother who works as an excise inspector and is currently posted in Kolhapur.

Mamta first began her UPSC journey in 2019 when she cleared and passed the exam at rank 556. She was selected for the Indian Railways Personnel Services. However, this was not enough for her, and she began a second attempt at the IAS Examination with support from her family and well-wishers.

She studied by herself up to 10-12 hours a day from advancing her daily study time from 8-10 hours. Her efforts paid off when she secured the 5th rank in UPSC 2020 exams. Mamta Yadav credits her success to the unwavering support her family had shown. Her family meanwhile is proud of her for being the first girl in the village to have come far in the field of education.


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