Nischay Malhan

Nischay Malhan

Nischay Malhan, also known as Triggered Insaan on YouTube, is a New Delhi-based Indian YouTuber and Minecraft and GTA live-streamer known for his commentaries, roasts, rants, and reaction videos on his YouTube channel, which frequently revolve around Bollywood and Indian media, as well as social media influencers.


Nischay Malhan was born in New Delhi, India, on November 14, 1995.  Prerna Malhan, his older sister, also has a YouTube channel called Wanderer’s Hub. A younger brother of his named Abhishek Malhan also owns the networks Fukra Insaan and Fukra insaan Live.



Additionally, he uploads game videos like GTA, Minecraft, and Getting Over It to his Live Insaan gaming channel. He is credited with spreading the phrase “Oh Bhai… Maaro Mujhe Maaro! [Oh Man! “Beat Me, Beat Me!”



In the past, he was a bright student who consistently finished third or second in his standard (with the exception of the seventh standard, where he came first). Due to his obsession and lack of physical work after finishing the tenth grade, he fell into a total depression for the following two years (eleventh and twelfth standard). He attributes his roommate’s assistance in getting him out of a deep depression during his time living in the dorm throughout college. He finished his engineering degree and began working, but he didn’t like his manager since she teased him for watching YouTube videos of other people while he ate during lunch. His boss let him go after three months at his first job.


He used to do late-night videos while working his second job, and once he had about 100k subscribers, he quit and started working exclusively on YouTube. After that, he kept uploading videos to YouTube, eventually growing into a well-known and popular YouTuber.

He first gave his channel the name Yes-Yes-Bhai before settling on the name Triggered Insaan. This is due to the fact that Nischay, his name, means plainly in English. Then he gave it the name It’s Nischay. However, he worried that others wouldn’t be able to pronounce his name correctly because it is pronounced “Nishchay” in Hindi. However, the priest who gave him his name felt that having two hs in his name would be strange and altered it to one h. So he changed it to Triggered Insaan. The term Triggered originated from the fact that his father would become quickly enraged or become Triggered when he would watch another YouTuber with the word “Insaan” in their name. This was the choice for his last name.

Many people accuse Nischay of imitating CarryMinati’s style. He is now Carryminati’s close friend.
On April 26, 2020, Triggered Insaan and Mythpat initially worked together while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 online and performing fictitious objectives. Since the show was popular, there were two more installments—episodes 3 and 4.
Mythpat uploaded a video titled “PHOTOSHOPPING INDIAN YOUTUBERS” on June 14, 2020, in which he messed with the faces of various Indian YouTubers, including Nischay. Mythpat had drawn a pineapple design across his face and gave Nischay a thumbs up after showing it to her. Mythpat mysteriously lost his pet Llama later in the Minecraft game. Involving Nischay, the llama was “confirmed” to have been “kidnapped” by Nischay, spawning a brand new series..

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