Parnota Dutta Bhal

Parnota Dutta Bhal

Parnota Dutta Bhal is the founder and CEO of a famous NGO “Cuddles Foundation” which concentrates on the unrecognized area of nutrition for cancer-affected children, this NGO is well known in India.


Parnota Dutta Bhal was born in 1980 in a Hindu family in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Parnota Dutta Bhal holds the degree of Bachelor of Commerce from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics.


Parnota Dutta Bhal started her journey as a social entrepreneur in 2012. She worked for almost 11 years in corporate India, managing and heading brands for companies like and Hindustan Times.
She got a chance to visit Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai where she saw the plight of children fighting cancer in India. Those malnourished children have very fewer chances of surviving cancer than a well-nourished children because of their intolerance to chemotherapy. Parnota determined she could do something about it so she quit her corporate career and she spoke to doctors and learned about nutrition and nourishment developed a blueprint for a non-profit and made fighting cancer with food and nutrition her mission. She also convinced some experienced individuals to join her cause. After some time so many pediatric Oncologists joined the cause and became champions.
Cuddles started as an idea and become a primary provider of Nutrition to pediatric wards in many government cancer hospitals like Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and AIIMS in Delhi. Cuddles has also been honored by the President of India with the National Award for child welfare. In 2018 cuddles develop its own app called the “FoodHeals” app with the help of volunteers to support nutritionists in grading a child’s malnourishment status and providing appropriate intervention.

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