Ragi Jani

Ragi Jani

Ragi Jani is a well known Indian actor who works predominantly in the Gujarati film industry and Gujarati theatre.


Ragi jani was born on 6 may 1974 and married to Chirag Jani. They have a kid named Jaldhi Jani.


Ragi Jani did many films like ‘Wrong Side Raju’ in 2016 in which she did the role of Patil. In 2017, she did the movies named ‘O Taare’ and ‘Papa Tamne Nai samjaay’ in which she did the role of Shantilal and neighbour respectively.
She did many famous roles in many films like Cheelazadap, Short Circuit, Teacher of the Year, Mr Kalakar, Made in China and many more.


• Gujarati Film Excellence Award in 2020
• Transmedia awards in 2019
• Transmedia awards in 2011
• Transmedia awards in 2007
• Gujarat Government award in 2007

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