Raj Barman

Raj Barman

Raj Barman is a Playback Singer, Songwriter, Programmer, Composer, Live Performer, Youtuber. Rudrajit Barman is another name for Raj Barman. He made his professional singing debut in the 2018 movie Kuasha Jakhon and Meher Aali Raj.


On October 30, 1994, Raj Barman was born. Usha Barman and Mrinal Barman are his mother and father, respectively.
Based in Kolkata, West Bengal’s capital, Barman is a professional vocalist.


Raj Barman debuted as a playback vocalist in the 2017 movies Meher Aali and Kuasha Jakhon (2018).
Raj Barman has 69 videos and 2.44 million subscribers on YouTube thanks to his covers and mashups. He began singing when he was 15 years old. His mother heard him singing nonstop at home and thought his voice was too good. His mother took a recording of the voice to his guru Pintu Bhattacharya, who then began his practise.

Raj Barman is currently a popular singer of world music. He is a celebrity who is only 27 years old. He does a super popular love combination of Bengali and Bollywood music.

He launched his YouTube channel in 2009, and in 2018, he became popular. The “New vs. Old 2 Bollywood Mashup” video starring Deepshikha Raina, which had 99 million overnight views, currently has 115 million or more. He won the 2018 Bengali Male “Best Playback Singer Telecine Awards.” Learn more about Raj Barman on YouTube.

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