Rj Anjali Singh

Rj Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh is popularly known as Radio Jockey (RJ) of Mirchiworld. She is also a digital creator, Influencer, Tedx Speaker, TV Anchor, etc. She is also known as ” Bihar ki Anjali”.


Anjali was born in Patna, Bihar, India in a Hindu Family. She has 4 siblings, there are 5 in total. She got married to Kushagra Singh who is a Lawyer, Manager, Creator, and Founder. They have a daughter whose name is Varenya.


Anjali did her schooling at Patna Central School and has done her higher education at Delhi University. During her school time, she was a captain of the school where she used to conduct the assembly and from there she has had close nexus with stage, mic. She is also a trained Kathak graduate.


Anjali was doing preparation for her 12th exam when she saw an advertisement for an audition for RJs in the newspaper. She casually took permission from her parents and went to the audition in her school uniform. She gave her audition to Delhi’s RJ and she was told that she will get an SMS if she gets qualified the SMS came and her life changed.
She proved herself and became a younger RJ in India. When the name Bihar comes, people recall her. She got so many opportunities in metro cities but she refused them as she always wants to be a part of the development of Bihar.

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