Keisha Thorpe

Keisha Thorpe

Keisha Thorpe is an Educator . She has been selected as one of the 50 finalists for the Varkey Foundation’s yearly $1 million Global Teacher Prize. The Global Teacher Prize, dubbed “the Nobel Prize for teaching,” is given to acknowledge the significance of educators who should be rewarded. The Foundation was established in 2014 to raise educational standards and strengthen the capacity of teachers around the world.


Keisha Thorpe who was born in Jamaica. The names of his mother and father are unknown. There is no information available about his family.


Keishia Thorpe teaches English to English language learners in the 12th grade at the International High School Langley Park in Bladensburg, Maryland, in the United States. Over 85% of the student body is Hispanic, and 95% of the students identify as low-income. In the US, where she had arrived on a track and field scholarship, Keishia confronted racism as a black immigrant after fleeing poverty and violence as a child in Jamaica. She finished at the top of her class and, while still maintaining a development mindset and goal-focused attitude, volunteered as a tutor at an inner-city school nearby after realising the significant underrepresentation of black pupils and the lack of resources in their schools. She decided to become a teacher after being shocked by the growing unfairness she witnessed among kids and the fact that the United States has a teaching force that is 87% Caucasian and a growing diverse student population of 49.8%.

She was chosen as the National Life Group’s ‘Lifechanger of the Year’ Grand Prize Winner for the 2018–2019 School Year for her dedication to mentoring students, all of whom are immigrants themselves, and assisting them in finding pathways to higher education. This award recognises educators who inspire and go above and beyond for their students. She has devoted her 16 years of teaching to mentoring student-athletes and college hopefuls, as well as enhancing access to discounted testing, financial aid, and full scholarships.

In addition to providing her own students with career pathways that can change their lives, Keishia mentors new teachers and designs and shares best practises with her team and professional learning community. Over the years, she has participated in public discussions about the teaching profession at State Board of Education meetings and testified on issues of teacher funding and retention. She has also attended and participated in events hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus, the Shared Vision Conference for leaders in education, the American Federation of Teachers, Save our School Conference, which promoted social justice for minority students, Community Schools, and Chancellor’s Schools.She has worked with the Washington Teachers Union and as the Teacher Leader Ambassador for the American Federation of Teachers, inspiring teachers to engage in action research to address problems with education in their schools and communities while enhancing student learning and to make recommendations to regional and national organisations. She oversees the Local School Advisory Team, which assists with the school’s annual budget, and she has participated in political campaigns urging teachers to cast ballots.

Her efforts have garnered her praise and recognition on a global scale, and as co-founder of US Elite International Track and Field, Inc., a nonprofit that gives “at risk” student-athletes around the world the chance to use their skills as a vehicle to access scholarships so they can earn a college degree debt-free, she also showed that her compassion extends far beyond the classroom. She is also the creator of the Food4Change programme, which provides assistance to immigrant students and their families, and the Hope Beyond Distance Foundation.


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