Ashu Bhai Guruji

Ashu Bhai Guruji

Ashu Bhai Guruji is one of the popular astrologers in this country, India.


Ashu Bhai guruji’s real name is Asif Khan, born in Delhi, India.


Guruji used to live in the slums of Wazirpur till 1990. Later he went to Padam Nagar of Sarai Rohilla where he changed his name from Asif Khan to Ashu Bhai Guruji. When his peon ran away with his 50 lakh rupees, he came back to Rohini sector 7 and then decided to start his business again. In his youth days, he learned all astrological skills.
Because of his correct predictions, so many people got impressed by his great magical skills and come to him, taking their sorrows.
Guruji also provides medicines for different-different diseases like TB, cancer, and other parts of the body.


Guruji faced his first controversy in February 2017. When a peon runs away with guruji’s 50 lakh rupees from the shop. Some people went against him that guruji tells everyone’s future and can not save his money by knowing his own future.
In 2018, police filed a case under section 376 against Guruji. That woman accused him of rape. According to the woman, Guruji raped her and her daughter along with his friend and son.

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