Avadh Ojha

Avadh Ojha

Avadh Ojha is an Indian YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Educator, and Career Counsellor. He is also the founder of “IQRA IAS.” Avadh Ojha is well recognised for his instructional and seminar films, which he publishes to his YouTube page. One of his videos is seen below.



Avadh Ojha is from Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is married to Majari Ojha, and the pair has three kids.



• Height : 5’7″
• Weight ( approx) : 65kg
• Eye Color : Black
• Hair Color : Black



Avadh Ojha graduated from Fatima School Gonda, UP.



Ojha Sir is the Senior History Faculty at Vajiram and Ravi. He teaches optional history for UPSC. Mr. Ojha is a practising lawyer with over 15 years of teaching experience in civil service coaching. Tina Dabi (AIR 1) was his student.
In 2019, he mentors Pradeep Singh, who received AIR 29 in UPSC.
He wrote Several Books For Upsc History Optional.
He has a YouTube channel called “Ray Avadh Ojha.”

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