Brigadier General LS Lidder

Brigadier General LS Lidder

Born on June 26, 1969, Brigadier Lidder was defense assistant to the CDS since January 2021. Brigadier General LS Lidder was born in India.  By profession,  Brigadier LS was the most popular Brigadier General of the Indian Army from India. He died on 8th December 2021 in an IAF Mi17V5 Whirlybird crashed in Tamil Nadu ‘Coonoor.

He was an Indian army officer. He was best known as Brigadier General of Indian Amry. He died on 8th December 2021 under fourteen on board when an IAF Mi17V5 Whirlybird crashed in Tamil Nadu ‘Coonoor on Wednesday. His wife’s name is Geetika, a school teacher, and a 16-year-old daughter who lives in Delhi

He was commissioned in the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (JAKRIF) in December 1990 and commanded a battalion of the JAKRIF in Congo as a UN peacekeeping force. He also commanded a brigade on India’s northern borders. He served as a director at the Military Operations Directorate and also as a defensive assistant at Kazakhstan.

Approved for the Major General rank, he was due to take over a division. He is survived by his wife Geetika Lidder and a daughter.


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