With the help of Cropin’s platform, multiple agri-ecosystem stakeholders may use digitalization and AI to make decisions that boost production, efficiency, and sustainability. The livelihoods of more than 7 million farmers have improved because to Cropin’s work with 250+ clients and the digitization of 16 million acres of agriculture. Over the course of a decade, it has amassed the largest and most varied agricultural data insights in the world, leading the global ‘Ag-intelligence’ movement with knowledge of 488 crops and 10,000 different crop types in 56 different nations. Cropin has calculated 0.2 billion acres of agricultural land throughout the world using its AI/ML platform, which is specifically designed for the agriculture ecosystem.

Legal Name : CropIn Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
Headquarters : Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Business Model : B2B
Total Funding : $33.1M
Founding Date : Aug 2010
No. of Employees : 251 to 500


Co-founder : Kunal Prasad
Co-Founder : Krishna Kumar
Chief Business Officer : Mohit Pande
Chief Business Officer : Rahul Singh
Chief Technology Officer : Rajesh Jalan
Chief Product Officer : Vijay Nelson
Head, Cropin AI Labs : Praveen Pankajakshan
Chief Marketing Officer : Sujit Janardanan
Vice President, Human Resources : Manasi Kelkar


• Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Ankur Capital
• Chiratae Ventures
• Seeders


• B2B

In 56 nations throughout the world, Cropin’s agro intelligence platform has been put into use. Their intelligent interconnected data platform makes use of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, satellite imagery, and remote sensing, to produce real-time actionable insights and support the development of a sustainable agri-ecosystem that can be advantageous to farmers, farming companies, agri-input suppliers, food processing companies, retailers, financial service providers, governments, and development agencies.

Client Segment : Agriculture, Manufacturing, FMCG, Financial Services
Target Companies : Large Enterprise, Medium Enterprise
Target Geography : Global


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