Dr. M M Raja

Dr. M M Raja

Dr. M M Raja is a Founder President and Managing Director at DORD.

He has a Master’s Degree in Commerce with 18 years of Senior Management experience as Founder President and Chief Executive in NGO namely DORD (Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development) in development cooperation with progressive responsibilities including demonstrated experience in developing, implementing, and managing projects and programs, managing financial and human resources, strategy formulation and in programmatic planning and oversight with proven experience in mobilizing resources from funding agencies and practical experience in fostering collaboration between institutions and in capacity development programs.

He has excellent leadership skills with proven skills as a strategic thinker and highly developed analytical skills with proven experience in assimilation and information synthesis. He is highly flexible culture-sensitive with a demonstrated track record to lead the team, coach others and provide advice and direction. He has excellent communication, listening, and proven drafting expertise and is focused on interpersonal and inter-institutional relations, organizational processes, and dialogue.

He is passionate about donor connectivity, fundraising, design development, and diversifying his organization’s funding portfolio.

He led the development of the organization’s Programme Strategy, Log Frame, Annual Operation Plan including budgets. He ensured high-quality program delivery through facilitating the development of a Work-Plan for each team based on which individual team staff has their own monthly work-plan on which they report and get feedback from their respective line managers.

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