Faisal Malik

Faisal Malik

Faisal Malik is a well-known Indian actor and producer.


Faisal Malik was born in Allahabad and came to Mumbai over 20years ago to try his luck at Acting.


Faisal Malik is well known for the web series named ‘Panchayat’.


When Faisal Malik entered the field of cinema doing spot jobs because he realized more than acting, doing basic needs is necessary so he started doing odd jobs at production houses. He used to put tapes into cameras to manage the floor and many other odd jobs.
The web series panchayat to change his life. He came to Mumbai from Allahabad with a dream in his eyes to make a career in acting. When he was shooting for Gangs of Wasseypur he was supposed to play the role of a cop and walked out during a scene at a slaughterhouse as he couldn’t bear the smell at the location. And this situation came as a blessing in his life because director Anurag Kashyap forced him to immediately were the police uniform and finish the shooting as per the schedule and that moment changed his life completely as the character of Gopal Singh became a viral sensation then after he got the opportunity to play the role of Prahlad in the panchayat. He is overwhelmed with the success of the web series, panchayat 2. Now he is a busy man and his life is completely changed, he never expected such a response for his role.
Faisal Malik also produce shows and developed content in many things and he is very thankful to Anurag Kashyap who allowed him to act in Wasseypur.


• Saat Uchhakkey (2016) : Producer.
• Main Aur Charles (2015): Producer.
• Revolver Rani (2014): Producer.
• Gangs of Wasseypur (2012): Actor (Inspector Gopal Singh).
• The Playboy Mr. Sawhney (2018): Actor (Naval Kishore).
• Fraud Saiyaan (2019): Actor (Inspector).
• Black Widows (2020): Actor (Inspector Bholey).
• Panchayat (2020-2022) : Actor (Prahlad Pandey).

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