A wealth-tech platform called Kaleidofin Private Limited offers specialised solutions that combine the power of investments, lending, and insurance to India’s 600 million unbanked citizens. The technology platform used by the business lowers the cost of providing the services, allowing it to satisfy customers while also realising very little savings. The platform employs the “click and brick” method. Each tech-platform-delivered solution offers a seamless fusion of loan, investment, insurance, and savings tailored to the demands of the end-user. The reliable, last mile connectivity is provided by its network partners, who include banks, MFIs, NGOs, and corporate businesses, utilising their agent app. The app’s whole communication is constructed in local languages and is suitable for use in areas with weak mobile network coverage. As a result, their backend is configured to operate globally and cater to the needs of consumers who are challenging to reach.

Legal Name : Kaleidofin Private Limited
Headquarters : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Business Model : B2B2C
Total Funding : $7.5M
Founding Date : Jul 2017
No. of Employees : 11 to 20


Co-founder : Puneet Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO : Sucharita Mukherjee


• Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund
• Omidyar Network
• Flourish Ventures
• Oiko Credit
• Blume Ventures


• B2B

They have network partners such as Micro Finance Funds, NGOs, Banks.
Client Segment : Marketplace
Target Companies : Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise
Target Geography : India Tier 3, India Tier 2, India

• B2C

Lower income group, with limited access to releavnt financial services.
User Age :26 to 34
User Income: Lower Income
Location : India, India Tier 3, India Tier 2

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