Khushi Shaikh

Khushi Shaikh

Khushi Shaikh is a well-known India’s top transgender social media influencer and a model. Khushi is on the top of the list for the last decade.


Khushi Sheikh was born on 11 November 1994 in Thane, Mumbai, and belongs to a very poor family.


Khushi Sheikh is the 10th pass.


• Height: 5’4″
• Weight: 50kgs
• Eye Colour: Grey
• Hair Colour: Brown


• FOOD: Biryani
• COLOUR: Black
• SINGER: Arijit Singh
• ACTORS: Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar
• ACTRESS: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


When Khushi was born her parents were happy at the birth of a eunuch child. But they didn’t told to anyone about the birth of the eunuch child. They used to tell that the boy was born because they were afraid that if someone inform the society then their child get away from them. When she became eligible to study then she got admitted to an English Medium School as a boy and found it very strange that everyone treat her like a boy. Khushi wanted to live her life like a girl and wanted people to treat her like a girl. But Khushi understood that she was a eunuch and by reaching the 5th class, everyone came to know about this. After everyone know about Khushi being transgender then she had to face so much discrimination in the school. That’s why she left studies after studying till the 10th. After some years her father died. Then she realised that how my family will survive in this world because there was no any income in her family so she started begging at the age of 16 or 17 years.
One day while begging a eunuch’s eyes fell on her and she came and asked some questions to Khushi that why is she begging and then Khushi told her about all the situations. After listening her situation the one whom Khushi had met, her name is Salma Khan who is a judge of Lok Adalat . She called Khushi’s entire family to Mumbra, the place where many transgenders lives and they have great respect for each other. Her family got many facilities and their life become much easier than before.
Khushi got a lot of inspiration from Salma Khan so she decided to achieve something in her life and become an inspiration for society.

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