Kiran Dembla

Kiran Dembla

Kiran Dembla is a well known bodybuilding champion and also a fitness trainer. She has represented the country in the world bodybuilding championship in Budapest. She is also a fabulous disco Jockey and mountaineer who has so far trekked to the Mount Everest base camp thrice.


Kiran Dembla was born in the year 1977 and she is the native of Hyderabad. She has two kids who are celebrating for her achievements today.


To say the least, Dembla’s story is amazing and motivational. She has shown that a person’s desires and goals are not greatly influenced by their age, marital status, children, or even the presence of a terminal illness. Dembla jokingly remarked in the aforementioned interview that she was originally an obese mother with no direction in life and that she hailed from a “khata peeta khandaan.” When she was told she had blood clots in her brain, her life then took a dramatic change. At the time, Dembla was terrified and quickly realised that taking medicine alone would not be sufficient to make up for her mistakes.As you may imagine, she had a difficult time going to the gym at the age of 35. There were more than enough people to convince her that her life was over because of her weight, which caused low self-esteem.
However, Dembla took matters into her own hands and made the decision to rebuild her life. She eventually settled into her routine at the gym and grew fond of the activity. “Eventually, I began making friends… the boys would assist me. I developed a liking for working out and shed 25 kg. She said to the portal, “I was a happier person. She began to believe she could manage her own gym after a year of hard work. She joined an online fitness programme and started getting ready for the future she wanted to build for herself despite opposition from her spouse.
Dembla successfully completed the task. She started her own gym and somehow found a way to balance her family life and her goals. Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi’s son, eventually joined since she became so well-liked. After that, he told his famous pals about it, giving Dembla fresh chances. She explained, “I would train them in the mornings and take care of my house in the evenings. At world championships, the powerhouse proudly represents India and is a force to be reckoned with in the industry!

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