Monojit Shil

Monojit Shil

Monojit Shil is a YouTube personality, blogger, traveller, writer, artist, and singer from India.


Monojit Shil was born on 29 November 2000 in Raiganj, West Bengal, India. From the beginning of his life, he was fascinated by technology.


Monojit Shil is a student at Bhupal Chandra Vidyapith (H.S).


• Height : 5’6″
• Weight ( approx) : 70kg
• Eye Color : Black
• Hair Color : Black


Monojit Shil is a well-known Indian singer and actor. At the age of 16, he started his Musician and Youtuber career. He got exposed to the music business by initially releasing his debut soundtrack “Problem” on SoundCloud. After a few days, he distributes his soundtrack on various music platforms such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, and many others. Monojit Shil’s soundtracks have been available on international music streaming services such as Deezer, Tidal, and Napster. Monojit Shil song is also available in the TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook libraries.

Monojit Shil begins his career as a blogger or YouTuber. He eventually gets into music. If you look for Monojit Shil on YouTube, you will get all of his information. YouTube officially verified his YouTube channel as an official artist. Youtube give him music verified badge on YouTube.

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