Nilesh Maniyar

Nilesh Maniyar

Nilesh Maniyar is an Indian film director or assistant director, Writer, and Screenwriter from India.
He was born in 1984 in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

He lives in Mumbai.

So far Nilesh Maniyar has worked in the Bollywood entertainment industry and his artwork has been released in Hindi language movies.

His first film was Margarita with A Straw in 2014, and The Sky is Pink in 2019. His films are always on different subjects. His two films have been shown in Big festivals and found many praises from all over India. He puts 100% in every step of filmmaking like the directory of photography, casting, story writing, and directions.

His view of thinking and working is also different from any director. He is foody and loves Punjabi food. He is also a co-writer and co-producer. He is a very gentle and intelligent person who worked with passion. Nilesh works closely with his script before every film. He also considers the casting of the film very carefully. Before becoming a successful director, he has worked as an assistant director in many films. That is why Nilesh maniyar is confident in every scene. He is known for his perfections. He was praised by many big stars.

Nilesh Maniyar is known for The Sky Is Pink(2019), Margarita with a Straw(2015), and Shaurya: It Takes Courage to Make Right… Right(2008).

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