Prathamesh Jaju

Prathamesh Jaju

Prathamesh Jaju is an Indian rising star who calls himself an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. He became popular after a picture of the moon clicked by him went viral on the internet.


Prathamesh Jaju was born in 2005 in Pune, Maharashtra.


Prathamesh completed his SSC at Vidya Bhavan High School, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


• Height- 5’8″.
• Hair Colour- Black.
• Eyes Colour- Black.


Prathamesh began exploring the field of astrophotography in 2018 because this is his hobby. He is very passionate about space and a huge fan of science fiction movies and star wars.
When he was 13 years old, he joined JVP, India’s oldest amateur astronomy club to understand the sky better.
Jaju’s pictures of planets like Jupiter and Mars also went viral, reposted by several other astrophotography-related accounts.


Jaju took 4hours to click the picture of the Moon and spent almost three days finishing the process and editing because the picture was an HDR Composite of two different images which made to give it a 3-dimensional effect. It was his most detailed and clearest shot of the third quarter mineral moon.. around 50000 + images over 186 Gigabytes of data which almost killed his laptop with the processing.
He first captured images by capturing multiple videos on different small areas of the Moon. Each video contained around 2000 Frames. First, he established them then he merged and stacked each video into one image …so he took around 38 videos now he had 38 images.
During the interview, he said that he wished to become an astrophysicist and study astronomy as his major, and astrophotography was just his hobby.

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