Rituraj Chaudhary

Rituraj Chaudhary

Rituraj Chaudhary, an engineering student from the Begusarai district in Bihar, is being appreciated by tech giant Google after Rituraj helped find a bug in the search engine.

Personal life
Rituraj Choudhary was born in 2003 in a Hindu family in Begusarai, Bihar, India.
Rituraj lives in Mungeli Ganj of Begusarai. His father Rakesh Chaudhary is a Goldsmith By Profession.

Rituraj Choudhary has completed his school education at a Local school in Begusarai, Bihar, India.
Rituraj is a BTech second-year student in IIT Manipur and has found a flaw in the famous search engine Google. After making the discovery, Rituraj sent this information to Google after which the tech giant also confirmed that same and admitted that the bug could have easily helped hackers take advantage.

Google has awarded the student with the Google Hall of Fame Award, putting Rituraj’s name in the list of its researcher. Notably, Rituraj, son of businessman Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary, is also researching cyber security along with his engineering. His bug hunting is currently in the phase of P-2. As soon as he reaches P-0, Google will reward him. Along with this, Rituraj will also get a lot of benefits in the future.

Speaking about the same, Rituraj said that he has had a special interest in cyber security since childhood. Hearing about his son’s achievement, Rituraj’s father also said, “We are very happy with our son’s success. He will do even better in the future which will help the country fight against cybercrime.”

If Google does not remove such flaws, then many types of black hat hackers can hack its system and leak the necessary data. This can cause a big loss to the company. In such a situation, Google or other companies themselves invite many bug hunters through the ‘Bug Hunter Site’ to come forward and find mistakes, and a reward is also given by the company if the mistake is found.

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