Ahmareen Anjum

Ahmareen Anjum

Ahmareen Anjum is an Indian film actress who works mainly in the Telugu film industry. Ahmareen Anjum is a director and an Indian actress and director. She is famous for web series and Bollywood movies.


Ahmareen Anjum was born on 27 September 1996. Her height is 5feet 4inches and measurements and her weight is 52kgs. She belongs to a middle-class family. She is single and currently unmarried.


Ahmareen Anjum graduated recently and is now a regular face in Bollywood. she is currently conducting online acting classes for budding actors and actresses.


Ahmareen Anjum is a talented dancer and has expertise in various forms of dance. She is a blogger, editor, and dialogue coach. Devika’s role in Sir was praised by critics. She has been part of her Restless soul. She plays the role of Loki, the mother of a talented young girl Malli from the Gond tribe. She is said to have played a range of characters in the past and is now conducting online acting classes for budding actors and actresses. Anjum is a part of the class of ’83 movie from Netflix released on 21 August 2020.

Her movies list

RRR (2019)
Class of 83
Sir (2018)
Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal
Devi Aur Hero


Ahmareen Anjum has worked in all media, including movies, television, stage, video on demand, and commercials. She is fluent in several languages ​​such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, UP / Bihari, and Telugu. She is known for his versatility and plays various characters in his projects.

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