Sasha Chettri

Sasha Chettri

Sasha Chettri is an Actress and also more famous as The Airtel 4g Girl.


Sasha Chettri was born on 20th November, Tuesday, 1996 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Her Nickname is Ricksha Rani. She belongs to a Hindu family. She has only one sister. Her height is 5’3” and her weight is 48kg. Sasha’s zodiac is Sagittarius.


Sasha Chettri completed her graduation degree in Advertising from Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Mumbai.


Sasha Chettri’s profession is Model, Musician, and Actress. She worked as a copywriter in the earlier stage of her career. Sasha is popularly known for the sequence of Airtel 4G ads in 2015 and 2016. She was seen in a small role as a musician in the film Katti Batti.


Airtel 4G was the most hated brand because of the annoying ads. Sasha loves music and she wants to launch her music album. Initially, Sasha did not want the Airtel ad because for that she was asked to cut her long beautiful hair. She initially refused but later agreed to do the ad.

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