Faisal Wani

 Faisal Wani

Faisal Wani is a YouTuber who was detained for inciting terror in the public with a video showing the beheading of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma who had been placed on administrative leave.


Faisal Wani is a Srinagar native.



A fitness trainer, Faisal. He created the YouTube fitness channel deep pain fitness, however it was eventually shut down for multiple or flagrant violations of YouTube’s rule against posting content that is meant to harass, threaten, or intimidate others.



A VFX video on Nupur Sharma that was uploaded by Faisal Wahi in June 2022 quickly became popular in India. The beheading of former bjp spokeswoman Nupur Sharma was digitally reenacted by Faisal in the video, which alarmed the people. Later, he removed the video and posted another one in which he apologised and stated that he had no desire to offend anyone or any religion.

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