Janhavi Panwar

Janhavi Panwar

Janhavi Panwar is an artist who enjoys singing and composing. At the age of 11, the little girl was named “India’s Wonder Girl” after being born in the tiny hamlet of Samalkha, Haryana.



Janhavi Panwar was born in the small town of Samalkha in the Indian state of Haryana. Brij Mohan Panwar is her father’s name.


At the age of 15, she has mastered nine foreign dialects and is in the last year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Satyawati Delhi University. She graduated from DAV, Samalkha, Haryana, at the age of 13, while most of her peers were still battling with the concepts of polynomials and trigonometry.


Jahnavi exhibited an early interest in learning different languages, and her father did everything he could to encourage her.

“When she was barely one year old, her vocabulary was loaded with roughly 500-550 English words,” he told us. Because she had picked up most things by the time she was three, she was admitted immediately to senior kindergarten. As the years passed and we spoke with the school administration, they recognised Janhavi’s talent, as seen by her grades, and she was granted special permission to complete two classes in the same year. At the age of seven, she was in the eighth grade.”
By the age of 11, she had already acquired numerous languages, including rudimentary French and Japanese, and she could talk in a variety of English dialects, including British, Scottish, American, and others, thanks to the internet.

When asked how the little girl was introduced to other languages, her father said, “She would listen to it once and then speak with the same accent.” It was at this time that I began downloading BBC news videos. She would sit through an hour-long newscast. She quickly began to pick up on the accent. I believed it was something I should support.”

She has hosted a BBC show and has emerged as a role model for many young ladies who want to study and speak English without fear. Jahnavi has given motivating speeches to different IAS officials and educational establishments around India. Brijmohan says that the young lady has a lovely singing voice. She records song covers while she is not reading. She has a talent for English rap and has auditioned for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and India’s Got Talent.
Jahnavi is an inspiration to her generation’s youngsters. She is a fantastic example for everyone because she persevered through several obstacles and mockery from others. Jahnavi thinks that every failure strengthens us and teaches us something new. The most essential thing for everyone is to believe in themselves since this will lead to success and help them reach tremendous heights.

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