Udham Singh Patel

Udham Singh Patel

Udham Singh Patel, a former student of the department of Fine Arts of Allahabad University. He came in limlight in 2014 after making a huge hammer, weighing around 3,500 kg and titled ‘Power of Youth’.
Again he came in limlight after a long wait of eight years, the sculpture made by Udham Singh Patel, has found a suitable to be displayed in the city.


He is a former student of Allahabad University’s Fine Arts Department.


Patel created a massive hammer weighing over 3,500 kg and dubbed ‘Power of Youth’ as his final year project in 2014. The feat of the impoverished but potential artist was published in TOI, and he was afterwards honoured by many forums. Throughout the days that followed, he was informed by district administration authorities that his paintings would be shown prominently in the city. 4
Despite pledges by officials at the time, including former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, the artwork was gathering dust on the AU campus.
Patel was requested a few months ago by the chairman of the Fine Arts department to remove the beautiful hammer since AU needed the room where it had been gathering dust for many years.

Patel was distraught until he met Arvind Singh Chauhan, vice-chairman of the Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA), who promised to assist him.
“The artist’s efforts should not have been in useless, thus we have relocated the massive hammer to the city’s Chandrashekar park, where it will be displayed,” stated PDA VC Arvind Singh Chauhan.

“It took my team of six determined adolescents almost seven months of hard labour to complete this mission.” The hammer weighs about 3,500 kg, is 21 feet tall, and has a diameter of 28 feet. “The complete sculpture was so heavy that it needed more than 50 students to turn it, while adding paste or painting it, and installing this massive artwork would also be a record in and of itself,” Patel stated.
“I had received a loan of Rs 3.5 lakhs from the bank under the PM Rozgar Yojna, and despite repeated guarantees, my artwork was accumulating dust at AU,” Patel continued. My ambition of establishing a suitable exhibition for the art work would never have seen the light of day if it hadn’t been for the quick assistance of the PDA VC and TOI.”
The hammer is now secure within the park’s grounds, and the PDA will shortly open it for exhibition after repairing the supporting handle.

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