Khush Seerat Kaur Sandhu

Khush Seerat Kaur Sandhu

Khush Seerat Kaur Sandhu was a well-known International Indian Shooter who committed suicide in 2021.


Khush Seerat Kaur Sandhu was born on February 2004 in Faridkot, Punjab. His father’s and mother’s names are Jaswinder Singh Sandhu and Navdeep Kaur Sandhu. His father is a government teacher and mother works in Punjab Agricultural University.


Initially, she was a swimmer then she became a professional shooter. When she was a swimmer, she won so many medals on National level for swimming. In 2017, her father thought to make her future in the shooting. She started taking training for almost 2years. She won 7 team medals and 11 individual medals.


Khush Seerat Kaur Sandhu suicide in 2021 by shooting herself with her 22 pistol before head shesh short herself because she was unhappy with her performance in the 64th National shooting championship.

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