Vedant Madhavan

Vedant Madhavan

Vedant Madhavan is an Indian famous and well known for being the son of famous and popular Bollywood actor, R. Madhavan.


Vedant Madhavan was born on 21 August 2005 in Mumbai in a Tamil Hindu Brahmin family. His family is very rich in culture and down to earth.
His father’s and mother’s names are R. Madhavan and Sarita Birje respectively. His father is a popular Bollywood actor and her mother owns a clothing store named ‘Sarita’ in Austria.
His grandfather’s and grandmother’s names are Ranganathan Seshadri and Saroj respectively. His grandfather was an executive in Tata Steel and her grandmother was a manager at the Bank of India.


Vedant Madhavan used to take participate in his school’s swimming competitions and there he started developing an interest in swimming. He took admitted to Goregaon Sports Club, Mumbai to learn swimming from professionals. There he got the chance to compete with national-level swimmers like Kapil Shetty. Later, he joined Glenmark Aquatic Foundation and a 30-day camp in Bengaluru to prepare for his swimming competitions.
Then he started taking participating in various swimming competitions such as-
• 3rd SFI All India National Club Champions (2018).
• 64th National School Games (2018).
• Glenmark 36th sub-junior and 46th junior National aquatic championships (2019).
• 10th Asian age group championship (2019).
• Khelo India youth games (2020).


Vedant Madhavan won many medals and trophies. He won 7 medals at the 47th Junior National Aquatic Championship 2021 in Bengaluru (4 silver and 3bronze). And events he represented Maharashtra in swimming like 1500m freestyle swimming, 4× 200 m freestyle relay, 800m freestyle swimming, and 4× 200m freestyle relay events.
His father, R. Madhavan shared an Instagram Post with pride and congratulated his son’s victory.

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