Kumari Jui Abhijit

Kumari Jui Abhijit

Kumari Jui Abhijit is being awarded the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar, 2022, for her excellence in the field of innovation.

Personal life 
Kumari Jui Abhijit was born on 28th March 2006. She has invented a wearable tremor profiling device called jTremor3D. She was inspired by her uncle who has had Parkinson’s and wanted to ease his living. The device is in the form of a glove or a strap.
Kumari Jui has also come up with jTremor Index to represent the tremor profile of a body. The tremor profile analysis can assist Neurologists during dosage planning.
She is living in a joint family.
Jui saw her uncle suffer from Parkinson’s disease. “During the lockdown, she started researching about the disease. Doctors generally prescribe medicines based on the narrated experience of the patient, which she felt was unscientific. Medications should be based on measurement of tremors,” said Jui. She learned python online and had a prototype ready within eight months.

She reads in class 10th. She is studying at Orchid International School.

Jui said that These involuntary tremors start in the limbs of a patient and she thought why not make a glove with the device attached so that it is easier to detect them. That is how she came to the final model named JTremor 3D. J stands for Jui and 3D because it measures the tremors in 3D.
She said that she is working on making the device more accurate and compact and trying to obtain approvals to conduct clinical trials.

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