Dhiraj Kumar

Dhiraj Kumar


Dhiraj Kumar(Bihar Boy) was born in 2005 in a Hindu Family in West Champaran, Bihar. His father’s name is Rajabali Yadav. His younger Brother’s name is Neeraj Kumar.


Dhiraj got awarded by Pradhan Mantri ‘Rashtriya Bal Purushkar’ in 2022 and he also got a digital certificate, medals, and the cash prize of Rs.1,00,000. He got an award in the ‘Bravery’ category.


In an interview with PM Narendra Modi, he said that he and his brother took the buffalo to bathe in the Gandak River. During the bath, after almost 10mins in River, a crocodile came and attacked his younger brother to save his brother he fought with the crocodile with his stick and he also got injured. After defeating the reptile, the reptile had to run away. Both the brothers got admitted to Government Hospital and were treated for about a week.
After asking about his aim, he said he wants to join the Army and serve the Country.

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