Mrunal Patel

Mrunal Patel

Mrunal Patel is presently quite famous among Indian civil service applicants. His simplicity and modesty usually captivate students, although his teaching approaches are seldom reproducible. He teaches economics to civil service candidates using an online education platform. Mrunal Patel’s books for the IAS Prelims are also well-known.


He graduated from one of Ahmedabad’s finest universities, L.M. College of Pharmacy, and then went to SPIPA (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute for Public Administration) and tried a civil services test once in 2009. After a while, he joined SPIPA as faculty, and now he teaches at Unacademy, an online education platform.


He attended the SPIPA institution administered by his own government of Gujarat after finishing his graduation, much like many other aspirants. He had completed prelims in 2009, but was misled by seniors and did not qualify for mains, thus he quit practising for UPSC. As a result, you will never learn anything about Mrunal Patel’s rank or position.

He launched a blog with the intention of breaking the monopoly of tuition schools in India’s capital and providing a way for misled applicants. After a few years, the blog was transformed into a website called
His website is full of free resources, old papers, mains answer writing suggestions, and other civil services exam-related information. His website allowed anyone to start from scratch for civil services test preparation, which was wonderful. He stated his actual thoughts about Delhi coaching on several occasions and always advised applicants not to mindlessly follow any branded newspaper favoured by seniors for current events.


After failing, the majority of applicants go into company, work, or provide lectures in coaching. But Mrunal has long intended to end the tyranny held by Delhi’s Coachingwalas. He began blogging by following his heart (and still you can see his blog on WordPress).

He is a businessman in addition to being a Gujarati. He launched a website after obtaining positive feedback on his blog. Rather than receiving money from aspirants, he began advertising some sites and providing hopefuls with a variety of materials for free.
Even an applicant with no prior understanding might begin his or her preparation using his website. For him,’success’ is not about financial balances, enormous bungalows, or hefty deposits, but about guiding others along their paths even if he did not make it, and earning a place in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

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