Murari Prasad Gautam

Murari Prasad Gautam

Murari Prasad Gautam, a former middle school teacher at Selas under Chitaini Panchayat in Kochas Block, Rohtas District, is now the Nitish Kumar administration’s Minister of Panchayati Raj. As soon as he took the oath to serve as his minister, there was a rush of joy among his followers. Mahendra Ram, his father, was the Kochas Chitaini Panchayat Mukhiya.


Mahendra Ram is Murari Prasad Gautam’s father, and it is not known what his mother’s name is. The second of five brothers, he is.


Murari attended Shishu Mandir, a private school in Sasaram, where he completed his education up to the fifth standard. He continued his education at the SPD High School in Kankarbagh, Patna, after that. Omprakash Ravi, Murari Prasad Gautam’s older brother, and his wife Chanda Kumari are both educators. Murari Prasad Gautam, however, was forced to enter politics when his father passed away because Mahendra Ram ran for the Chenari assembly seat four times but lost each time. Later, the Chenari seat became empty as the then-MLA Lalan Paswan resigned from his position as MLA. Congress placed bets on Murari Prasad Gautam in the by-election, and he won, but he was unsuccessful in winning the succeeding election.

Murari Prasad Gautam ran for office as the Congress party’s candidate in the 2020 Bihar legislative elections, and he ultimately won and was elected as Chenari’s second MLA. To manage his father’s political legacy, he was forced to resign from his government position as a teacher.

He remained in the Congress despite all the upheaval over the past 1.5 decades. He continued to put in a lot of effort for the party despite never receiving a ticket from it. Because of this, the party has consistently placed its trust in them, and that trust has been rewarded.Congress has given him the opportunity to become a minister because of this. In the Mahagathbandhan administration headed by CM Nitish Kumar, he has been appointed Minister of Panchayati Raj.

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