Phillip Mullings Jr

Phillip Mullings Jr

Phillip Mullings Jr is a well known American actor who is popularly known for playing the role in Netflix’s Drama ‘First Kill’.


Phillip Mullings Jr was born on 7 October 1994 in Manassas, Virginia and belongs to well-to-do family. His father’s and mother’s names are Carla Mullings and Phillip Mullings Sr. respectively. He is in relationship with Alyssa Nena Goss.


Phillip Mullings Jr joined college to become a computer scientist but after 6 weeks he thought college was not for him so he started his acting career.


Phillip Mullings Jr began his career in acting and he has a long list of roles but most of them are minute roles.
He played the role of Theo in the drama series ‘First Kill’.

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