Puhabi Chakraborti

Puhabi Chakraborti

Puhabi Chakraborti, a 15-year-old 10 KV NIT student Agartala, is an AI application developer, patent holder, kickboxer, and black belt from the state of Tripura.

Puhabi is a kickboxer who has won 2 gold and 1 bronze medal for India at the Wako International Kickboxing Championship. This prompted her to develop an AI-based application ‘AthleteX:- for the Atmanirbhar Athlete,’ an app that makes athletes perform better physically and mentally by performing injury detection scans to accurately detect injuries and performs metal health scanning using deep learning, AI, Artificial-Neural-Networks, and other Machine learning tools. Her project was one of the top 20 winners for the Intel AI for a youth program for the year 2021.

She is Schooling from KV.
Puhabi is currently an Intern in SSU, California USA under Prof. Farhamand where she is developing software to control a spirometer that helps in providing an adequate amount of oxygen and gas mixtures to COVID patients and eases their difficulty in breathing. She is also an intern at the University at Buffalo, New York, the USA working on machine learning-based cyber security under Prof. Ziming Zhao. Puhabi published her first patent at the age of 13 for ‘Device for alkaline water purification through banana stem filter’ and hopes to invent many more systems for the betterment of her country and its people. Puhabi’s hobbies are doing Karate and reading scientific papers in her free time.

Puhabi loves to donate money and she will give 50% of her prize money which she will get from the Bal Shakti Puraskar to the PM cares fund. Puhabi is inspired by Indian Nobel Laureate like CV Raman and physicist like S.N.Bose and hopes to win the Noble Prize in Physics in the future. She also hopes to become a professor so that she can share his knowledge of science with the young generation.


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