Siddhant Ghegadamal

Siddhant Ghegadamal

Siddhant Ghegadamal is a well-known Indian actor, artist, influencer, and model.


Siddhant Ghegadamal was born on 4 April 1997 in Shrirampur, Ahmednagar, and belongs to a Marathi family. His father’s and mother’s names are Baban Ghegadamal and Susheela Ghegadamal respectively.


Siddhant Ghegadamal did his schooling at Rural High School Putamba district, Ahmednagar, and New High School, Gangapur district, Aurangabad. And he has done his higher education from Sri Mukundanand College, Gangapur and Deogiri College Arunagabad.

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