Soumya Pokharel

Soumya Pokharel

Soumya Pokharel is a girl from Birganj, Nepal.


Soumya Pokharel belongs to a very poor family. Her husband’s name is Chandan Gupta.


There is no information regarding his education.


Any objective must be worked very hard to obtain. She’s been a fan of Bhojpuri movies since she was young. Due to Khesari Lal’s extensive acting, comedy, and dancing, which is what everyone enjoys, Khesari Lal transformed into a superhero when Soumya was watching the movie. Khesari Lal did the same, becoming a part of Soumya’s heart. Then Soumya Pokharel inked Khesari Lal’s face indecently on her hands. The clip of tattoos created at that point began going viral. By that time, Khesari Lal could also see his disbelief at how a normal Sudha girl had inked my face on her hands. Khesari Lal’s programme was in Nepal at the same time, and it was there that he first met Soumya. Then, when he was performing the programme, Khesari Lal made a public vow to Saumya to work on an album and a movie.

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