Siddharth Batra

Siddharth Batra

Siddharth Batra is a well-known Instagram star in the fashion industry. He is well-known for his top fashion Instagram posts. He also has a creative YouTube channel where you can see all of the facets of his amazing personality..



He was born on October 8th, under the sign of Libra. Siddharth, a devout Hindu, is an Indian. But because of his personality, he stands out in every section. Many people also recognise him as Komal Pandey’s boyfriend, one of India’s most prominent fashion influencers.
Siddharth Batra was born in Mumbai. He did spend the majority of his youth in India. His mother and father did provide him with a very good upbringing. Because of his stable upbringing, he did enjoy life’s golden fruits.


Siddharth completed his postgraduate studies in fashion at Symbiosis International University. Unlike many other Indian young men, he chose a very different and classy field.


Siddharth Batra has a vibrant personality and sees potential in many areas. He loves Harry Styles a lot. The well-known English singer significantly influenced both his and Komal Pandy’s professional lives. Siddharth enjoys watching the most recent films and television shows from Hollywood and Bollywood. He also resembles Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, and BTS stylistically. Siddharth enjoys food a lot. He adores Indian cuisine and is eager to try many other dishes as well. His favourite cricketer is MS Dhoni.
He is well-known for his outlandish fashion appearances, being at his most experimental, being the King of IDGAF, and the CEO of male fashion influencers.
His Instagram #GuyBeauty series has been making waves for breaking stereotypes by promoting men normalising makeup, body hair, and skincare.

Siddharth Batra has been an active contributor in promoting beauty as a gender-neutral activity through his content. Those who believe makeup is only for women should watch inspiring talks by Siddharth, who is paving the way for metrosexuality.

As clothing no longer defines gender, fashion is becoming more gender-neutral every day, and Siddharth is here to shatter all stereotypes. He consistently demonstrates that nothing limits how manly a man can be by dressing in anything from leather jackets to crop tops, wearing necklaces and earrings, or even doing his nails.

He exhorts men to become adept at using simple beauty products as instruments for self-care. His unconventional makeup expresses his masculinity and serves as an inspiration for his followers to embrace their unique selves without worrying about being judged.



Siddharth Batra had to have dated a lot of women. He gained notoriety, though, when he started dating Komal Pandey, a fashion influencer. As they were collaborating, they fell in love. Since then, they have earned the moniker “Instagram’s power couple.” His closest friend is Yashashree.



Siddharth Batra began working as a fashion stylist. He did, however, begin his major journey as a fashion influencer after meeting Komal. He began posting videos to Instagram. That is what made him famous. His style was also popular in the Indian fashion industry. Siddharth has demonstrated to every skinny man how to look good without six-pack abs. However, having a pro-gym body is an added bonus. Siddharth creates very classy Instagram reels. They do appear to be from another planet. He knows how to pull off both new and vintage looks. Siddharth, being a family man, includes his mother, father, and other family members in his videos. Siddharth also has his own YouTube channel.

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