Shantanu Naidu

Shantanu Naidu

Shantanu Naidu is a famous Indian businessman, engineer, junior assistant, DGM, social media influencer, author, and entrepreneur. As the deputy general manager of Tata Trust, Shantanu Naida enjoys enormous popularity throughout the nation.


In 1993, Shantanu Naidu was born in Pune, Maharashtra.


Shantanu Naidu is the fifth generation of his family to work for the Tata Group and holds an MBA from Cornell University.
When he returned in 2018 after earning his degree, he started working for Tata Trusts as the Deputy General Manager in the chairman’s office.


Young Shantanu Naidu has established himself in business at a very young age, and Ratan Tata, a famed business magnate, is one of his admirers. Shantanu Naidu’s incredible path began as a project to aid stray canines, and soon his perseverance and commitment helped him become the man he is today. His journey is a real inspiration for what we might become in the future.
Since June 2017, Shantanu has been a member of the Tata Trust team. In addition to this, Naidu has experience working at Tata Elxsi as a Design Engineer. The young man’s wish was realised when Ratan Tata summoned him to a meeting as a result of his Facebook post about the reflector-equipped dog collars he had created for stray dogs so that drivers could see them on Mumbai’s highways.
Word got out, and Shantanu Naidu stated in his post that “our work was highlighted in the Tata newsletter.”
The money to produce these collars was insufficient because the organisation was a student one. Therefore, they made the decision to employ denim jeans as the foundation for the collar. They procured 500 luminous collars from Pune and collared 500 canines after collecting denim jeans from various families.
Drivers could see the dogs wearing these collars that he fashioned even when there were no streetlights out at night, saving the lives of street dogs. Many people took notice of his work, and soon anonymous online comments about how the collars made the dogs more visible and finally caused drivers to slow down began to appear in his article.
Soon, Naidu’s work gained widespread attention and was featured in the Tata Company newsletter, which led to Ratan Tata, the former chairman of the Tata Group and an animal rights champion, personally inviting him to Mumbai.
Ratan Tata, a seasoned businessman, appreciates Shantanu’s clever concepts. Several sources claim that Shantanu Naidu assists Ratan Tata with his own venture capital businesses. Ratan Tata has fallen in love with Shantanu’s work.
Ratan Tata, it turns out, has a strong conviction in the nation’s startup environment, which may be why firms that receive his support frequently experience a big gain in value.
Shantanu Naidu encourages students across who were hesitant to pursue entrepreneurship with his Instagram account, “On Your Sparks.” Shantanu Naidu launched an online chat called “On Your Sparks” during the Covid-19 lockout to support prospective business owners. He built the first part of the speech on lessons he had learned from his own life and applied them to business. Every Sunday, he hosts a live broadcast of “On Your Sparks” on his Instagram account. He now charges Rs 500 for each attendance, with the money going to Motopaws to support stray dogs. Motopaws has now spread to more than 20 cities and 4 nations.
Additionally, Shantanu Naidu created a book titled “I Came Upon a Lighthouse” that serves as a miniature reflection of his relationship with business magnate Ratan Tata.

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