Suchitra Ella

Suchitra Ella

Suchitra Ella is the co-founder and Director of Bharat Biotech International Limited.

Personal life

Suchitra Ella was born in 1963 in Thruthani, Tamil Nadu, India. Suchitra’s father was mining, and her mother was a housewife. She has three sisters. Suchitra’s one sister lives in Hyderabad and the other two sisters live in Madras. Her husband’s name is Dr. Krishna Ella. He is an alumnus of the University of Hawaii and the Union of Wisconsin-Madison. He is an Indian scientist and entrepreneur and is also the founder and chairman of Bharat Biotech.

Suchitra and her husband lived in the US, and in the year she has two children, a son, whose name is Reechas Veerendra, and a daughter. 1996. They returned back to India. Suchitra’s son is married to the Eenadu Group chairman Cherukuri Ramoji granddaughter, Sahari. Her daughter is a dermatologist.

She pursued graduation in BA Economics from Madras University. Later she pursued a post-graduation diploma in patent law from Nalsae, Hyderabad.

Suchitra also pursued a diploma in business development at UWCU Madison, South Carolina University, United States.

Before returning to India, Suchitra and her husband lived in the north and Laidback in the south. In 1996, they returned to India to start a business. Suchitra always wanted to join in her husband’s dream of manufacturing vaccines and making them affordable. They set up a firm in 1998, Names, Bharat Biotech Private Limited.

Bharat Biotech founded Covaxin, the first vaccine for COVID-19 to be fully developed, and manufactured in India along with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Suchitra Ella worked in Waikiki Corporation and Woodman’s US in the customer Operation department.

In 2017, Suchitra and her husband Dr. Krishna Ella has received an order from the global vaccine alliance GAVI to buy a new typhoid vaccine.

She was awarded The International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Award 2007 by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

She also received the FLO GR8 women Achievers Award 2008, for entrepreneurial excellence.
She received Padma Bhushan, in Hyderabad, on the 73rd republic day.

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