Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta is the co-founder and marketing director of BOAT. BOAT is the number one headset equipment model in India, gaining a huge market share of 27.3%.

Aman Gupta’s company managed to generate a whopping INR 500 crore income in the fiscal year 2020 regardless of the pandemic outbreak. Aman Gupta partnered with Sameer Ashok Mehta in November 2013 to launch BOAT’s custodian company, Image Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Personal Life
Jyoti Kochar Gupta is Aman’s mother and Neeraj Gupta is his father. He also has a brother named Anmol Gupta. His family is small and happy. Aman married Priya Dagar in 2008. Mia and Adaa Gupta are their two daughters.

Aman Gupta is around 40 year old. Outside of India, the co-founders hope to establish a global audio business. The BOAT is an Indian company founded in November 2013.

Aman Gupta is a student at the Delhi Public School. After completing his training, Aman Gupta became a Certified Public Accountant. However, the real center of his school life. is Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Business.
He attended Delhi Public School before doing a Bachelor of Business from Delhi University. He was also certified as a Chartered Accountant by the Institutes of Chartered Accountants in India.

Aman Gupta’s main focus in his profession includes his contribution to Image Marketing, which is the custodian company of BOAT. After finishing his studies he worked in many places. He worked for audio giant Harman International as Sales Manager for India.

Then he opened a “Boat” startup in 2016. The “Boat” started trading in “trendy audio products”. For the past two years, they have been selling high-quality headphones, earphones, speakers, travel chargers, and rugged cables. they scored Rs 100 crore business in home sales.

After completing his studies, Amam Gupta worked in various settings. He was Director at Harman International for India sales. The audio product powerhouse. In 2016 he founded a “ship”. The “ship” began selling “fashionable audio equipment”.

The first product in the“ BoAt ”was an indestructible charging cable and charger from Apple. Apple’s cable used to break near the end of the charging and buyers had to cover it up. “BoAt” has launched a strong braided cable with a life cycle of 10,000 curves. The price was 1,500 rupees. This product became the best-selling product on Amazon.

They also launched BassHeads225 boAt in 2016. Their vision was to avoid any other method that came from Chinese products. In 2017, the ship’s turnover reached 27 million rupees and in 2018 it exceeded 108 million rupees. Sold over 6000 units per day with four units sold per minute.

boAt currently has 5,000 retail stores supported by 20 distributors. Selling more than 10,000 units per day and four million units per year. They have reached 20 million Indians so far. Almost 80 percent of sales come from e-commerce channels such as Amazon and Flipkart.

According to studies, Aman Gupta’s internet price is $ 95 million. Aman Gupta Net worth is estimated in billions of millions. He has made a huge profit from his business and is on the verge of becoming a millionaire.

The boAt was established in 2015 and produced Rs 500 crore of revenue in the fiscal year 2020, an increase of 108.8% over the previous year. Headphones, stereo headphones, portable chargers, and heavy-duty cables are all available from BoAt.

The boAt is currently available in 5,000 stores and is supported by 20 distributors. The company promises to sell more than 10,000 devices per day and four million units per year and has already served 20 million Indians.

According to studies, Aman Gupta’s salary from BOAT is approximately INR 40 crore for 12 months. However, Aman Gupta’s properties and the income from his various business ventures are not disclosed.

Aman Gupta is a lively young shark in Shark Tank India on SONY Tv Channel. However, Aman Gupta managed to click on a plan with Peeschute for 75 lakhs INR for six years.

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