Avi Sharma

Avi Sharma

During the first shutdown, Avi Sharma authored the Balmukhi Ramayana. Since he was a youngster, he had been interested in literature and religion. The Prime Minister was impressed by Avi’s direct tone and humble demeanour during their video discussion.
He’s been named Madhya Pradesh’s “Wonder Boy.”


Avi began chanting shlokas and mantras when he was two years old. He was supposedly able to recall over 200-300 Hindi and English rhymes, as well as the colours of banks and ATMs, at the age of two and a half. This is when his parents recognised his extraordinary potential as a child prodigy and committed their full support for him to flourish in a variety of fields.Avi composed the Balmukhi Ramayana in 2020 and began teaching free Vedic math and coding online in 2021. According to his mother, Vinita Sharma, he also received a certificate and Rs 1 lakh.
Avi was inspired to write the Balmukhi Ramayana because he feared that people, particularly young children, were forgetting their roots and the character of Lord Rama. His parents, he said, were quite supportive of his pursuits and had frequently supported his writings and debates with scriptures and Indian culture.

Avi has also created an all-in-one computer-based voice command programme called as “MADHAV” (My Advance Domestic Handling AI Version) by overcoming Alexa technology, which operates through voice commands on his home computer.

After two weeks of hard labour, the software operates by voice instructions on a computer, and his motivation to design such a voice-operated programme emerged from seeing the challenges experienced by the elderly and disabled people in operating computers, which has now become a requirement for most.
It can be used to control other electronic equipment and can also translate one’s spoken language. If a person has WiFi at home, the application can control the electronic gadgets at home.

Avi is a multitasker who likes trying new things and discovering the unknown. He also continues to give motivational talks at schools and universities, and because of his early acquired talents, half of his house is already packed with prizes and medals. When questioned about Avi’s accomplishments, his mother was perplexed since his abilities were too numerous to enumerate on camera.

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