Bharti Shahani

Bharti Shahani

Bharti Shahani was an Indian American. She was the girl who got injured at the crowd surge incident that happened at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in November 2021, she was declared brain dead.


Bharti Shahani was born in 1999 in Houston, Texas. Her father, Sunny Shahani is a business and her mother is a housemaker. She has a younger sister named Namrata Shahani.


• Height- 5’5″.
• Eye Colour- Black.
• Hair Colour- Black.


Bharti Shahani did her primary and secondary schooling in Texas and then after taking admitted to Texas A&M University to pursue an undergraduate course in electronic systems engineering technology.


On the night of 5 November 2021, Bharti was one of the victims at the Astroworld Festival. Reportedly, Bharti was at the event with her siblings to enjoy but suddenly a crowd of 50,000 rushed to the stage. Persons were falling on each other. During the incident, Bharti got buried under a heap of people over there and lost oxygen for some minutes, resulting in which her brain stem getting swollen to almost 90%, and immediately got admitted to the hospital. There she suffered multiple heart attacks. The doctor revealed that she was declared brain dead and the chances of her survival were almost negligible.
On November 10, Bharti was declared dead. She was on a ventilator.
Travis Scott had also tweeted and expressed his sympathy towards her and the people who got affected by the Crowd.

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