Harsha was an activist and vigilant member of the Bajrang Dal. ( Bajrang Dal is an organization whose ideology is based on Hindutva.)


Harsha was born on 21 May 1998 in a Hindu family in Shimoga, Karnataka. His father’s and mother’s names are Nagraj Jingade and Smt. The Padma respectively. He has two sisters, one of his sisters named Ashwini Jingade.
Harsha got murdered on 20 February 2022 by six unknown people at a canteen.


• Height- 5’7″.
• Weight- 70kgs.
• Eye Colour- Black.
• Hair Colour- Black.
• Tattoo – At Neck (Mental).


Harsha did his schooling at Local High School and has done graduation from State University.


Harsha raised himself with the thoughts of being a fighter and fighting for his country and community’s well-being as he used to participate in different events related to Hindu Culture.
According to Police, Harsha died due to his involvement in the work of the Hindu Community. Police arrested all the six murderers and invested in order to find the motive behind their death.
As an activist, Harsha has not gone too far but he remained close to speaking against Islamic terrorism in India, and to create awareness he used to do campaigns. Recently he has put himself into the political matter of the Hijab row that is heated in January 2022 in Karnataka.

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