Shruti Bhatla and Gore Bhatla

Shruti Bhatla and Gore Bhatla

Shruti Bhatla and Gore Bhatla are famous singers suffering from the disease called osteogenesis imperfecta. People with this condition have bones that fracture easily, often from mild trauma or with no apparent cause.


Shruti and Gore, the twin sisters born in 1992 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. They have a supportive family. Along with them, their father, mother, brother, and sister are there in the family. Their mother’s name is Sonia Bhatla.


They are the real inspiration for the people who lose belief and hope in their lives. When their family got to know that they are suffering from the disease, they were not really upset by that news. They used to motivate them in different ways, they never compare them with any other normal child. Even their relatives are very supportive. They never called them handicapped. They never make them realize that they are different from a normal child.
Earlier they could not even sit and they used to paint, play, etc. by laying down. Their brother and sister used to teach them, their brother and sister used to pray in temples for Shruti and Gore. Their mother is the strength behind them.
After some time, Shruti and Gore started singing with their soulful voice and people really started admiring them. They got so many awards for their singing. They won the hearts of millions and billions of people with their dedication to singing and painting.


•Bal Shree Award for Creative Arts (2007).
•Rajkiya Purushkar (2008).
•Shaurya Purushkar (2008).
•National Award for persons with disabilities (2009).

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