Falguni Mistry

Falguni Mistry

Falguni Mistry is a Gujarati theatre and television actress from India. She is most known for playing Lata Srivastav, Suhani’s mother, in the StarPlus television series Suhani Si Ek Ladki.


Falguni Mistry was born on 30 March 1976. Her father’s and mother’s names are unknown. There is no information regarding her famiy members.


There is no information regarding her education.


Falguni Mistry has experimented with a range of media to better understand her acting profession. She has pursued theatre with a passion, performing in Gujarati plays such as Jai Ho Jamadas, Rang Nagar No Rasiyo, Tarkat, and Mahapurush, where she had the opportunity to share the stage with legends like Dinyar Contractor and Homi Wadia. Here, Play Baap Kamaal Dikro Dhamaal made its American premiere in San Francisco before going on tour around both Africa and America.
She has appeared in several Gujarati television programmes, including Matha Bhare Manjula, Masi Maa, and Bhai Tamaru Toh Kevu Pade.
She was the host of the Mansi programme that aired on Zee Gujarati.

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