Govinde Gowda

Govinde Gowda

Govinde Gowda is an Indian film Actor, who has worked predominantly in the Kannada movie industry.

Govinde Gowda was born, in Davanger, India.

He has been married to Divyashree. They both performed in the Kannada comedy reality show ‘Comedy Kiladigalu’.
He has played the role, Shivu of ‘Ambuja’, Govinda of ‘Akshi’, and Guide of ‘Onthara Bannagalu’.

Govinde Gowda first came to public attention during his stint in the popular Kannada tv show Comedy Khiladigalu. He has since appeared in comedic and supporting roles in a number of movies in Sandalwood. Notable among Govinde’s most recent acting credits is the suspense thriller Shathaya Gathaya (2018) and Parasanga (2018).
He is an actor, best known for Premam Poojyam (2021), K.G.F: Chapter 1 (2018), Ambuja, and Akshi (2019).

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