Hesa is the one-stop solution for businesses, SMEs, banks, governments, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that want to reach rural India for buy-sell propositions such as brand marketing and social duties. Their streamlined technology platform Hesa, supported by a village-level entrepreneur named the Hesaathi, is a resoundingly successful strategy for companies looking to connect with and participate in the rural economy. Their solutions are geared toward NGOs, CSRs, consumer brands, agro-based businesses, banking, finance, and insurance. Hesa is a mobile-first application that is simple to use and has efficient workflows.

  • Legal Name : Hesa Enterprises Private Limited
    Headquarters : Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    Launching Year : 2012
    No. of Employees : 61 to 100


  • Co-Founder and CEO : Vamsi Udayagiri
    Co-Founder : Hema Nandiraju
    Chief Executive Officer : Srishti Janardhan


  • • Venture Catalysts
    • Inflection Point Ventures
    • Faad
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